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March 18, 2021

Job Title: Financial Accountant

Job Duties:

Maintain business accounts, including cost expenditures and sales; verify and

audit transactions, expenditures, and accounts receivable and payable for

accuracy; apply accounting principles to gather financial and accounting

information and prepare financial reports; compile financial statements,

detailing assets, obligations, and profits and losses; prepare accounting records

for data processing systems and devices to document financial activities; prepare

monthly financial reporting, financial statements analysis and cash flow analysis

for each broker and agent; maintain a complete and accurate general ledger in

accordance with U.S. GAAP and other accounting regulations; prepare

moderately complex managerial reports and financial statements; select

appropriate methods and techniques to resolve problems of financial analysis;

conduct accounts reconciliation and accounts analysis, including analysis of

accounts payable and accounts receivable; provide support for all aspects of the

AP process; analyze customers’ financial statements and determine their

credibility; apply advanced financial and accounting analytical skills to assist in

loan transactions.

Job requirement: Master’s degree in accountancy, professional accountancy,

accounting, or closely related field.

Apply to: 

Morgan Real Estate & Financial, Inc.

2051 Junction Ave. #238

San Jose, CA 95131 

Attn: HR or Email Resume to: loan2home@gmail.com